CascLib API Reference



  bool WINAPI CascFindNextFile(
      HANDLE hFind,                   // A valid search handle
      PCASC_FIND_DATA pFindData       // Pointer to a CASC_FIND_DATA structure

Function CascFindNextFile continues a file iteration (searching) that has been initiated by a previous call to CascFindFirstFile.


hFind [in]
A valid search handle that was obtained by a successful call to CascFindFirstFile.
pFindData [out]
Pointer to a CASC_FIND_DATA structure that will be filled with information about next found file.

Return Value

On success, the function returns a TRUE and the CASC_FIND_DATA structure is filled with information about a found file.
On failure, the function returns FALSE and GetLastError() returns the error code.