StormLib API Reference



int WINAPI SCompDecompress(
  void * pbOutBuffer,               // Pointer to buffer where exploded data will be stored
  int * pcbOutBuffer,               // Pointer to size of output buffer
  void * pbInBuffer,                // Pointer to buffer with data to be exploded
  int cbInBuffer                    // Size of the input data

SCompDecompress decompresses a data block compressed by SCompCompress.


[out] Pointer to buffer where the decompressed data will be stored.
[in, out] On call, pointer to the length of the buffer in pbOutBuffer. When finished, this variable receives length of the decompressed data.
[in] Pointer to data that are to be exploded.
[in] Length of the data pointed by pbInBuffer.

Return Value

When the function succeeds, it returns nonzero. On an error, the function returns FALSE and GetLastError gives the error code.


When the length of the input buffer is equal to the length of the output buffer, the function just copies the input buffer to the output buffer.

Availability in Storm.dll

Available in Storm.dll Yes
Ordinal number in Storm.dll 1.00 N/A
Ordinal number in Storm.dll 1.09 552 (0x228)